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Modular Kitchen

Mass interior decors has vision to provide Modular kitchen, modular kitchen accessories to everyone at affordable price in Trichy. Revealing the facts beneath a smart Modular kitchen’s skin When it comes to Modular kitchen and Modular kitchen designs, seeing is not believing, what you don’t see is consistently the difference between a strong, long serving kitchen and a week, insubstantial one. We are going to take you into the heart of a home that is our Kitchens and show you how to make an educated consideration of quality and durability. And why inner strength and stability has direct bearing on a Modular kitchens continued pleasant appearance and prolonged existence. A hard and durable core and long lasting components impart additional structural stability that prevents the tendency to wrap, wrinkle or peel. The result a stunning kitchen that continues to look good through its entire lifetime so the basic lesson is Aesthetics and visual appearance are very important in a kitchen. However, they make little sense unless the materials and processes employed to manufacture them are of higher order.

Our Using Materials: 

- We used for 19mm Marine Water Proof Plywoods.
- Inner Side Using for 0.7mm Half White Mica.
- Outer Side Using 0.8mm or 1mm Mica.
- Colors is Customers Choice.
- 90% SH Laminates.
- Outside Painting We using for De-Cope Paint.
- Inner Side We using for Enamel Paint.
- We Using Agralic Laminates.

L- Shaped Kitchen

The L-shaped Modular kitchen is ideal when you want to add a small dining table or kitchen island. It’s also a good way to make the utmost of a corner, as well as integrating the kitchen into a dining area.

U- Shaped Kitchen

If you have a large room the U-shaped Modular kitchen is ideal. It gives you maximum space and plenty of storage options – ensuring that everything is within easy reach. If the room is very large and spacious, it’s more important to ensure that the points of the working triangle are not too far from one another.

Parallel Kitchen

You don’t need to have a huge amount of space for this Parallel shaped Modular Kitchen. It’s geared for food preparation and provides two great work and storage areas on opposite sides. If you would like to be creative, you can add cabinets to one of the walls and turn it into an island of sorts to create a more handy and friendly kitchen area.

Single-Line Kitchen

When scarcity occurs in space, a single-line Modular kitchen in which the working triangle is reduced to a straight line can be the most practical and wonderful solution. It’s also pleasing to look at. This is mostly advisable when you’re short of those extra spaces for bigger kitchen but still to have experience of attractive modular kitchen.

Sliding & Folding

Use innovative, flexible furnishings. When space is at a premium, smart, space-savvy designs are here to help. Think fold-up Murphy beds, disappearing pocket doors.


As long as everything is kept as neat and tidy as possible, I’m sure your guests won’t mind sharing a room with all of those out-of-season and special-occasion clothes you simply can’t fit into your main wardrobe. Make sure you have regular sort-outs of your growing collection of shoes, shirts, suits, coats and skirts and donate to charity all of those items you haven’t worn for years.


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The first space was designed for a young man who loves to travel. This cosmopolitan lifestyle is reflected throughout the home, beginning in the living room where an eclectic gallery wall immediately draws attention. In fact, eclectic design carries throughout from mismatched throw pillows to creatively geometric end tables. And of course, no traveler’s home could be complete with plenty of bookshelves for all those travel guides

Pooja Shelf

Featured here are 7 beautiful and unique pooja room designs by Indian interior architects and interior designers at homify. Pooja or prayer rooms are designed to create a sacred space where we send our prayer vibrations to the Gods we adore. It is a place where we conduct rituals to show honour and reverence for our creators. We adorn our shrines with gold, glitter and fragrant flowers; we light up lamps and incenses, creating an island of calm where we join our hands in prayer to the divine beings in which our faith lies.


We also provide German Hardware like furniture fitting, Furniture Handle made up of Aluminium, Stainless steel, Steel, Zinc Alloy. We are specialized in arranging and fitting the electro domestic Appliances like Cook Tops, Hobs, Chimneys, Cooking Range, Ovens, Dishwasher, Sinks etc., . Increasingly, modern kitchens are designed as a block or solitary. An elegant unit, which usually forms the technical and storage center of the kitchen. The cooker, steam cooker or microwave in the cabinet are just as placed as the "mixed double" of the storage unit: refrigerator and storage cabinet.

Kitchen Top

We are offering to our kitchen Top Decorators with good kitchen chimney dealers in a good design based on your kitchen comfortable.We do best designs and we have a display in our showroom

INVOLVEMENT EACH project personally supervised !